May You of a Better Future: Closing gathering facilitated by Dan Glass

12 March 2022

May you of a better future, love without a care and remember we loved too.

As the shadows closed in, the stars came out. 

I am in love.


(Derek Jarman, At Your Own Risk, 1992)


To celebrate the end of our exhibition May You of a Better Future you are invited to a closing gathering and party in tribute of those who lived through Section 28 and in memory of Derek Jarman who would have celebrated his 80th birthday this year. 


Love over fear will always prevail. We hope you can join us for this special discussion and sharing circle facilitated by Dan Glass (ACT UP healthcare and human rights activist, performer, presenter and writer) to continue building queer love in community from London across the world. The sharing ‘heart-circle’ is a love-driven informal ritual space to share our lived experiences and hopes for the future, to allow inner peace to take root and unfurl, and to foster understanding of the impact of the legislation on the LGBTQIA+ community, then and today.


At the core of this space is a rekindling of lost love – for ourselves and for each other – to strive for a world that brings meaningful social change. Through exploring love in a cultural and community context we can understand the fears, pathologies and chains in which we imprison ourselves, making way for revolutionary change in the fight against oppression.

What can love push us to do for ourselves, for each other, and for collective social change? Where can it take humanity? 


The gathering is free. Due to limited spaces please RSVP to 


Dan Glass has been recognised as Attitude Magazine’s ‘campaigning role models for LGBTQI youth’, a Guardian ‘UK youth climate leader’, 2017 ‘Activist of the Year’ with the ‘Sexual Freedom Awards’ and was announced a ‘BBC Greater Londoner’ in 2019 for founding ‘Queer Tours of London – A Mince Through Time. Dan is an artist with the global In Place of War artist network and an educator from the ‘Training for Transformation’ movement. He recently presented ‘Never Again – Fighting the Polish far-right’ and the Coronavirus cabaret: the online show combating social isolation’ and his book United Queerdom: From the Legends of the Gay Liberation Front to the Queers of Tomorrow was recognised as Observer book of the week June 2020.